Ogoh – ogoh paraded out of the temple Agung Jagatnatha, Pekanbaru, Indonesia .Preparation Ritual of Bhuta , Bhuta means element created, while yadnya means a holy ritual. The word bhuta is frequently linked to the meaning of destructive power. Bhuta Kala means the element of nature and its destructive power. Bhuta Yadnya is a worship and offering devoted to Bhuta Kala for the harmonious relation with Bhuta Kala and to make use of its power, i.e. to convert from being desctructive to being positive for man and life. One of the ceremonies is the Tawur Kesanga Ritual on the eve of Nyepi Day, the Hindu New Year (nyepi) celebrated as the silent day. The Tawur Kesanga Ritual is a holy ritual devoted to the harmonious Bhuta that can give its positive power (not the destructive one) to man and life. (Afrianto Silalahi/Riau Images)